Whew… It has been a rough few weeks for the Swyft Apparel crew. Nothing quite like dealing with production delays, website issues, and trying to keep everyone happy. It’s like juggling 4 balls with one hand. (I can’t juggle at all but that sounds hard.) We have poked our heads back above water and things […]

Saying the take over process of the David & Goliath online brand has been a whirlwind is a huge understatement. It seems like only yesterday that our team was happily building software or selling coffee with not a care in the world about what the t-shirt industry was doing. Here we are today more entrenched […]

Like all good hostile take overs, it took years of planning and lots of role playing but we finally did it. Our own version of the MOD Squad assembled, plotted and struck with the quickness of the worlds deadliest snakes. We got in the door by playing the “Friendly New Guy”. We were there, we […]