New Management

Like all good hostile take overs, it took years of planning and lots of role playing but we finally did it. Our own version of the MOD Squad assembled, plotted and struck with the quickness of the worlds deadliest snakes. We got in the door by playing the “Friendly New Guy”. We were there, we were helpful, we were accessible when needed, and most of all we never took sides when it came to corporate squabble. Each member played their role to the T and when the time was right we swooped in took the business right from their clutches. It was a game that would make the highest degree of chess masters blush.  Now that we run the streets, it’s time to meet the players:

(this is all a joke, but keep reading)

Leon McIntosh "The Wrench"

Leon a.k.a “The Wrench”

The master architect of “the plan”. His brain is huge and holds all of his ideas. He talks fast like a New Yorker, except he’s not. Look for him to be calling the shots and answering customer support emails.

Matt Galvin "Codes"

Matt a.ka. “Codes”

Technology is his thing. He types so fast we wonder if he is actually doing anything at all. If the site is down or something doesn’t work we blame him and with magically wizardry everything starts working again. He is 1/2 of the tech team.

April Mazac "The Pyro"

April a.k.a “The Pyro”

We often wonder about creative types but she makes stuff look pretty. She speaks in codes that Klingons wouldn’t even understand and likes to play video games. She is often found scribbling on a pad where her designs “usually” end up on t-shirts.


For immediate release, Swyft Apparel, LLC. is proud to announce that we are an official Licensee of the David and Goliath Brand Family. We will be doing our best in delivering beautifully designed, top quality shirts all over the world. We have been working with the amazing people at David and Goliath for several months to create an arrangement that allows the brands to grow and deliver more products that follow the motto: Live Stupid Die Happy.

Please contact Swyft Apparel at for any questions, comments, or concerns.

4 thoughts on “New Management

  1. Preston says:

    Do you still sell the T-shirt with two fingers crossed and the the tag, “me and God are like this”?

  2. Shantel King says:

    Hey!! ?
    Are guys still doing the grab bag on shirts? These made awesome Christmas gifts so I hope you say yes *fingers crossed*

    • Swyftmin says:

      Shantel! We have talked about it but it doesn’t look like it will happen for this holiday season, however it may make an appearance at some point.

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