Step 2: Build This Sucker Back Up

Saying the take over process of the David & Goliath online brand has been a whirlwind is a huge understatement. It seems like only yesterday that our team was happily building software or selling coffee with not a care in the world about what the t-shirt industry was doing. Here we are today more entrenched than we ever imagined. Sample after sample t-shirt has come flying in the door, looked over by our team (spouses and children included), and a decision made on whether it would hit the site. It became a Tribal Council of sorts with decisions on designs or the type of t-shirt to use. It has been super fun though.

Our team is made up of serial entrepreneurs. We have built business ranging from online food ordering services to automobile data tracking applications (super complicated stuff) but we are all in agreement that the t-shirt game is way more fun. There is nothing better than someone having a moment of happiness from a product you built or put together. It has taken us an incredibly amount of love, passion, and work to just get a simple shirt printed and into a customers hands and we love every minute of it. It is incredibly important to us that the product you receive is the best quality we can provide, both garment and printing. So if something is not up to standards, please don’t hesitate to let us know: We watch that email like a hawk and have processes in place for getting you answers quickly.


So what is the next step?

The website is live and the printers are humming. Right now we are fine tuning our internal processes to ensure that orders and information all flow properly to the right places and that nothing is missed. Once we have it all nailed down we are going to start exploring new products to add to the store. In the past, David & Goliath sold pajamas, stickers, coffee mugs, socks, underwear, almost anything made of fabric and we want to start adding those things back to our store. However, our first priority is adding Juniors/Kids sized t-shirts back. We have to keep the little ones game looking tight as well, so that will be the first things we add back to the site.

Once the kids shirts are live we are going to turn out attention towards shipping information. Right now we do not have an efficient way of notifying you when you order is shipped. We are working on it, and it will be there soon. So stay tuned for that up date to come in a few weeks time.


Thank you for taking this journey with us and don’t hesitate to le us know any questions you have by clicking that little green floating help icon in the bottom right of the screen….. we’ll answer fo’ sho!

– The Management