Step 3: Crack Skulls

Whew… It has been a rough few weeks for the Swyft Apparel crew. Nothing quite like dealing with production delays, website issues, and trying to keep everyone happy. It’s like juggling 4 balls with one hand. (I can’t juggle at all but that sounds hard.) We have poked our heads back above water and things are running like a Swiss watch.  Our turnaround times are getting faster and the quality of prints greatly improved. To you, our valued customers that we consider family, our sole mission with DnG tees is to ensure that you get the best quality product possible in the quickest turn around we can make happen. We absolutely care about your satisfaction with the ordering process and product you receive. Should you ever have an issue, don’t hesitate to contact us and we guarantee we will make it the best experience possible.

On that note, we want to start talking about the printing process we use. It is called Direct To Garment printing. There are a couple of steps involved that your shirt must go through before it even get shipped to you. In DTG printing, t-shirts are printed almost exactly like an inkjet printer in your house. The shirt is placed on a board and run through an inject printing machine that lays the ink down. There is a step before this though that is called “Pre-treating”. There is a chemical solution sprayed on the garment with what looks like a paint sprayer that ensures that the inks from the printer properly adhere to the shirt. Garments must then go through a high-heat dryer prior to printing. This allows the chemicals to bond to the fabric. Once this solution is dried completely, then the printing process begins.

We advise that after you receive your new shirt the first thing you do is wash it. This will clean off any of the remaining chemicals from the pre-treatment solution and leave you with a super soft, awesome looking t-shirt.


’til next time